The Commerce Bank of Washington

Don McGinnis

“All of the Relationship Managers at Commerce came from large institutions, but we are excited to be back in an environment like banking use to be. We like Commerce’s flat organizational structure, local decision making, and the operating principal of common sense. We don’t have strategic initiatives to meet, policies to hide behind, or boxes to then think outside of. The result is a team of experienced, satisfied, and stable individuals that can focus on the reason for Commerce Bank’s existence: our clients.”

Don McGinnis’ career in commercial banking began in 1983 with Norwest Bank (Wells Fargo), moving to Seattle in 1987 for Sumitomo Bank. In 1990, Don joined Seafirst (Bank of America), and managed an office for B of A’s Private Bank in 1999. Don’s educational and professional background is in finance, investment management and estate planning. After 20 years of large banking institutions, Don joined the Commerce Bank as a Relationship Manager.

Customer Service Staff

Our outstanding staff with their diverse background and skills extends the depth of our bankers' experience.

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