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Chip Cards

Enjoy Global Acceptance and Greater Security With Your Commerce Bank Chip Card

The Commerce Bank is pleased to offer Chip Cards to our valued customers. Chip Cards offer improved security, global acceptance and continued ease-of-use. Credit cards are available now and Debit cards will be available in 2016. Initial chip cards will be issued as replacement cards for expired, lost or stolen cards. Over time, all card holders without chip cards will receive replacement cards and be notified when to expect their new cards in the mail.

Since Chip Cards are new to many of our customers, we want to make sure you are familiar with how Chip Cards work and what additional benefits they offer.

How Chip Technology Benefits You

Improved Security

With chip card technology, your card data is more secure when used at any chip-enabled merchant or ATM. During a payment transaction, the chip assigns a unique code to each transaction. This is different than magnetic stripe technology that stores static information in the stripe that’s used for every transaction. With chip cards, once a transaction is complete, the unique code “expires,” to help prevent card data from being reused.

Global Acceptance

Chip cards are already standard in many countries. And global adoption of this technology continues to grow. The US is in the process of transitioning to chip cards as of 2015. This transition will take time, because, to ensure a chip card payment is processed, merchants must first install chip-enabled technology.

Payment Peace-of-Mind

A merchant that doesn’t have a chip-enabled terminal can still process your payment using the magnetic stripe on a traditional card. And, while chip card security isn’t utilized during a magnetic stripe transaction, the security measures you’re used to with your Commerce Bank card are still in place. They’ll also be in place for your new chip card.

As Easy to Use as Ever

Although chip-enabled transactions work a little differently, you’ll master them in no time. Here’s how to pay with your chip card:

  1. With the front side up and chip end first, insert your card into the merchant equipment. Leave your card in the equipment throughout the transaction.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions.
  3. Remove your card once prompted to do so.

Helpful Tips

  1. Don’t take your card out too soon. Removing the card too early can interfere with your transaction. Make sure you leave your card in the merchant equipment through the entire transaction and only remove it when prompted.
  2. Don’t leave your card behind. It can be easy to forget your card in the merchant equipment. Remember to take your card with you when you’re done.


The Commerce Bank is here to help you make the most of your chip card. Read the Chip Card FAQs or call 206-292-4550 for more information.

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