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Purchase Alerts

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Visa® Purchase Alerts

With Visa® Purchase Alerts from The Commerce Bank of Washington, receive near real-time alert notifications on select signature-based purchases made with your Visa debit or credit card. Monitor your account activity from wherever you are and quickly notify the bank of anything suspicious.

Select from available criteria and decide what activity you want to receive alerts on. Plus, choose how to receive Purchase Alerts—as text messages (SMS) and/or as email messages.

Available Criteria for Purchase Alerts Notifications

  • Purchases that exceed an amount you determine
  • Transactions in other countries
  • Online, phone or mail purchases (known as "card not present" purchases)

Enroll in Purchase Alerts Today

Enrolling is easy. The online instructions will guide you how to:

  1. Verify that your card is eligible (which it is).
  2. How to create an “account”.
  3. How to add your card.

Simply click here to enter Visa’s enrollment process.

Important Details

  1. PIN-based debit card transactions are not eligible to receive alerts. Messages and data rates from your wireless provider may apply.
  2. Actual time to receive alert is dependent on wireless service and coverage within area.
  3. Credit cards subject to credit approval. Contact financial center for details.
  4. Available services are subject to change without notice.

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